partial.js benefits

What are the benefits of partial.js? This is web application framework for node.js

Performance - express.js vs partial.js

I tested performance between express.js and partial.js. Both test are similar but partial.js contains more informations. If you want to create a performance test, download both projects: expressjs-vs-partialjs (2.1 MB)

express.js v3.0.6 + jade

Project size: 8.8 MB
Max used ram: 26 MB
$ siege -b -r 100
  • 1500 hits (170 bytes) - 6.23 secs
  • 1500 hits (170 bytes) - 5.83 secs
  • 1500 hits (170 bytes) - 5.71 secs
  • 1500 hits (170 bytes) - 5.75 secs
  • 1500 hits (170 bytes) - 5.77 secs

partial.js v1.2.7

Project size: 541 kB
Max used ram: 15 MB
$ siege -b -r 100
  • 1500 hits (397 bytes) - 0.95 secs
  • 1500 hits (397 bytes) - 0.82 secs
  • 1500 hits (397 bytes) - 0.76 secs
  • 1500 hits (397 bytes) - 0.79 secs
  • 1500 hits (397 bytes) - 0.78 secs

IMPORTANT: partial.js has much more functionality than express.js.


partial.js URL routing

Framework supports perfect URL routing and compliances friendly url.
You can write own route to WebPage or WebSocket.


Great view engine

View engine contains many features and supports condition.
You can render view in view with model.

View engine

Automated LESS CSS

Write LESS and do more. Framework supports simple LESS CSS and
automated CSS vendor prefixes.


Automated compression

Automatically compress HTML, JS and CSS one time and save to temporary cache.
Client receives a small data via GZIP compression.

Automated compress HTML, JS and CSS

Google Page Speed

No dependencies

Framework has no dependencies. Complete functionality is built in its core.
It's written in 100% pure javascript.


partial.js install vs express.js install

DateTime functions
Date and time
Mobile devices support
Mobile devices
Resources for multilanguage webpages
Resources for
multilanguage webpages
NoSQL embedded database
NoSQL embedded
Supports custom modules
Supports custom

Modern framework

Modern framework

Friendly URL, XHR, JSON, LESS CSS (CSS 3), JavaScript minifier, XSS protected, resources, modules and supports MVC architecture.
WebSockets supports

WebSockets (RFC 6455)

WebSockets is an advanced technology that makes interactive communication session between the user's browser and a server.
No dependencies

No dependencies

The framework has no dependencies. Complete functionality is built in its core. You can install any module by the Node Package Manager.
Gives You Freedom

Gives You Freedom

Framework doesn't limit you. You can write whatever you want or rewrite existing functionality. It's easy, simple and safe.